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Mini-Split for Heating?

Posted 10/23/2019

Probably the most common source for heat in the Memphis & Mid-South area is a natural gas furnace. In the downtown Memphis and midtown area, hydronic heating is common. And some homes use heat pump systems. Which can both heat and cool a home without the need of a separate furnace. However, mini-splits are growing in popularity. So, if you live in Memphis, can a mini-split be a good option for home heating?

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Does Thermostat Placement Matter?

Posted 10/12/2019

Your thermostat performs the important role of informing your air conditioner when to turn off and on. So it’s location and appliances that sit near it is important to the efficiency of the operation of your HVAC system. So if it’s located near a heat producing appliance or in an area of the house where the reading temperatures are deafeningly different than other rooms in the house, your home could suffer from comfort and efficiency problems. Let’s take a look at why proper placement of your thermostat is so important and places you should avoid installing one.

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Why did my AC stop working?

Posted 9/24/2019

Your air conditioning system (HVAC) stopped working but why? You cleaned it in the spring and routinely change the filter. We will address the most common reason and what are the most common repairs.

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5 Things you should do to extend the life of your HVAC system

Posted 9/14/2019

Your HVAC system is one of your most-used appliances in your home. It’s also one of the most expensive.

The average homeowner spends more than $1,200 on electricity alone. When your HVAC system is in good shape, it will save you money and help reduce your home’s energy use each month.

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Should your AC Filters be clean when you change them?

Posted 9/11/2019

If you are changing your home's air filters between every 1 to 3 months they should always look dirty. The most efficient way to clean the air in your home is with high-grade filters. What do you do if they are clean when you go to change them? There should always be a build up of dust on the filter.

If your filter looks clean after it's been in place for the recommended time, here are some things you should check:

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Sleep Better with these 4 Tips!

Posted 9/4/2019

We love to be cool when we sleep here in the Mid-South. It's been proven that you are healthier, more energetic and happier after a good night's rest. If you toss and turn at night it may not be just the temperature keeping you awake. Their are many factors to consider in order to be comfortable at night in Memphis, Tennessee. 

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Now is the time to upgrade your HVAC Unit

Posted 8/27/2019

For many homeowners, now is a good time to upgrade with a new HVAC unit. Brimhall Maintenance LLC. realizes that buying a new unit can be a little overwhelming for most consumers in Memphis, TN. We've got you covered so you don't have to stress over the decision. Just knowing a few qualifications can save you a lot of money and energy over time. Here are three important aspects to consider when making a buying decision. 

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5 Ways to fix temperature variations in your home

Posted 8/21/2019

Is there a spot in your home that’s always hotter or colder than the rest? It’s more common than you think. Fix temperature variations right away and you’ll extend the life of your HVAC system and save on your home energy bills.

When a room’s temperature varies, your HVAC system has to adjust to regulate for the change in temperature. This means your HVAC system may be working harder than needed.

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Save Money by trading in your Old Thermostat for a New Wi-Fi Thermostat

Posted 7/24/2019

Wi-Fi thermostats from Sensi, Honeywell, Nest, or Ecobee let you monitor your home’s comfort system and control it from work, home, or a vacation destination halfway across the world. These thermostat options work with your existing furnace to give you Wi-Fi control of your HVAC system.

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